At Our Sock Stories, we make sure to stock up on top-quality socks from ethical and sustainable brands. Our store features sustainable socks from various brands for men, women, and children.

The future needs to be sustainable, and we completely understand that. Too often, brands disregard their workers and environment for a profit. We don’t support these brands and only feature socks made with love, support movements, and causes, and are made through sustainable and ethical means.

Today, we’ll be introducing you to the different brands and options in our sock shop. We get into the unique quirks of the brands, how they got their name, and what steps they are taking towards sustainability.


What Brands Can I Find on Our Sock Stories?

While there are tons of different sustainable socks for men, women, and children at our shop, they come in different shapes and forms. We support brands that work towards different causes and help build a better and more sustainable world.

Each brand in our store utilises different sock designs and crafting methods, and support various causes. However, they all share one common trait: sustainability. Learn more about all the different brands you can find on Our Sock Stories.


Conscious Step

Conscious Step gets its name from the company’s goal. The brand constantly finds ways to improve and clean up its supply chain, ensuring ethical and sustainable ankle socks, sports socks, and even sustainable warm socks to keep you cosy during the winter season.

While Conscious Step is known for its top-quality socks, they truly stand out because of their mission. They believe and aim towards creating long-lasting social and environmental change, creating a better world for our children and our children’s children to live in.

A portion of Conscious Step’s profits goes to various organisations such as The Trevor Project, Room to Read,, and Habitat for Humanity, just to name a few. The brand’s manufacturing process is transparent and sustainable, ensuring that workers are happy and well-compensated for making such durable, sustainable socks.



Thought can be traced back all the way to 1995. This brand was in no way an overnight project, but throughout their time in the market, they have been committed to sustainable and ethical practices. In 1995, one of Thought’s founders created sustainable and down-to-earth clothing designed to beat the heat of the Australian summer.

And since then, the brand has constantly been evolving, opening new stores, creating new collections, but with each new venture, they stayed committed to their sustainability goal. At Thought, the team shares one dream: a world where contemporary fashion and sustainability go hand-in-hand, which the brand is slowly turning into a reality.

Thought creates sustainable walking socks, sports socks, and even casual socks for any occasion. You can find warm socks for when the months get cold and breathable fabrics for days in the sun.

While Thought has a vast collection of different socks for men, women, and children, all of these are sustainably sourced. The socks are made from bamboo, hemp, cotton, and wonder wool. None of these materials takes a large toll on the environment and could turn into the future of fabrics.

The Thought brand is one of the founders of the Ethical Fashion Foundation and the Common Objective movement. As one of the pioneers of modern sustainable fashion, the brand has helped the community grow and constantly uses its voice to shine a light on solutions to our planet’s problems.

You can find a huge variety of Thought socks on our website. They make sustainable ruffle socks, sports socks, dress socks, and more, allowing everyone to find just the right option for them.



Re.socks takes sustainable ankle and crew socks to a whole new level. These socks are completely recycled from used plastic bottles, giving new purpose to single-use plastics that pollute our oceans. While the products are made of recycled plastic, they are still top-quality and can compete with other sustainable material sock brands out there today. From their extraction all the way to the dyeing process, Re.socks is committed to the three R’s of sustainability: Reuse, Reduce, Recycle.

The sock yarn of these products come from recycled plastic, and their dye is extracted from other recycled materials. This makes these socks completely sustainable. On top of that, the brand is also dedicated to creating a better planet for everyone. A portion of all their profits is given to Vietnam Clean and Green, an organisation known for planning different environmental activities such as world clean-up day.

The brand gets its name from a play on words. Since these are completely recycled socks, it’s easy to see how they came up with the name. The company has definite goals, allowing their customers to know exactly what causes they are supporting. For example, in 2021, their goal was to collect enough money to finance river garbage collection systems in Vietnam.



FAZL gets its name from the Arabic word, “fazl,” which means grace or hope. The brand traces its roots to 2015, when its founders moved to North India to volunteer for different orphanages. While working at the various orphanages and falling in love with the people, the founders tried to find a way to support both the women and the children at the orphanage. And their solution was socks.

Shortly after their move to India, they crammed a bunch of socks into a bag and flew to Canada for a market test. The socks were a huge hit, and they were a great help to the different Himalayan artisans who made the socks by hand and the children they were supporting. FAZL is a partnership between completely different cultures: Canada and India.

Through their handcrafted sustainable socks with a bunch of different designs, they are dedicated to supporting orphanages in India. The population of orphans in India is almost equal to the entire population of Canada, which is why support is needed. For every FAZL product purchased, a portion of the proceeds always goes to supporting Indian orphans by giving them food, water, clothing, and shelter.

Not only does FAZL work towards a better future after you purchase a product, but they do it before as well. FAZL employs Himalayan artisans who are experts at their craft and adequately compensated for their work. The entire production process of FAZL is transparent, which is a testament to their ethical and sustainable work practices.

The FAZL collections contain designs passed down from generations of mothers down to their daughters and keep a rich tradition alive. While the designs and methods are traditional, FAZL uses synthetic, vegan wool, which is better for the environment and no animals are harmed during the entire extraction process.


Kind Socks

Kind Socks was created by a regular person who just couldn’t find socks one morning. During their search for socks, they realised that sustainable fashion isn’t “in” right now, despite the planet’s desperate need for it. Kind Socks take a fun twist on your standard sustainable crew socks and dress socks.

Created by a colourful person, their personality is greatly reflected in the socks. Kind Socks are fun, colourful, filled with playful patterns, and are more than eye-catching. And while creating fun socks was one of the goals, the main goal of Kind Socks is to promote sustainability.

With that in mind, the brand only sources ethical and sustainable materials for its products. On top of that, their work and manufacturing process is completely transparent and ethical. Kind Socks looks to be a part of a new movement in fashion—one where sustainability, style, and comfort all converge into one. And when you put on a pair of Kind Socks, that is the feeling you get: a new era of fashion.


Sustainable Socks, For a Sustainable Future

At Our Sock Stories, you can find fun socks, sustainable dress socks, and even plain or ruffled socks for any occasion. We believe in providing everyone with a sustainable, stylish, and comfortable pair of socks that fits their personality.

When you buy from our sock shop, you are paying for top-quality socks and a better future. Each of the brands on our page support different causes and sport different designs, but they are all committed to creating a fashion environment that is sustainable and can keep us warm, clothed, and stylish for many years to come.

Ethical fashion is a new movement. It isn’t the trendy option these days, although it should be. Whenever you buy from our shop or from any of these brands, you support a forward-thinking fashion movement where the future of our planet and our children is a top priority.

If you’re in need of sustainable socks for any occasion, whether you need bold patterns, bright colours, or understated dress socks, you can find them at Our Sock Stories.

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