”I noticed holes in your socks the other day, so here’s a new pair for you!”

A friend exclaimed while handing over a cute Corgi printed pair. A warm reminder that a hole in the sock may seem minor to you, but blatantly conspicuous in the eyes of your loved ones.

If receiving gifts is your top love language

you would recognise that a thoughtful gift can make the receiver feel understood and appreciated. And to be gifted a new pair of socks - after seeing yours is overstretched with holes - should bring warmth to your soles and soul.

Our Sock Stories began when

it dawned upon us that you don’t have to skimp on comfort, that you can take good care of your soles and your loved ones, and at the same time create a better world.

So, take a step back and seek happiness in the simplicity of life as a socks purchase can fulfil a significant purpose!  

We are committed to

supporting social and environmental causes that matter. We act with honesty and integrity while bringing harmony to lives and the environment. 

Part of our proceeds goes to empowering nonprofits to support the causes and communities you care about.